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Rescheduled Water Forecast

Rescheduled Water

Water users should be aware that San Luis Reservoir filled March 9, 2017. The reasons for this forecast include increased storage in northern CVP reservoirs, capacity pumping at Jones Pumping Plant, lower projected south-of-Delta agricultural demand (use) this year, and the potential for conveying CVP water at Banks Pumping Plant (the State facility). Under Reclamation’s Rescheduling Guidelines, if San Luis Reservoir fills the quantity of water that could be lost is based on Reclamation’s calculation of foregone pumping. Foregone pumping is the difference between the volume of CVP water that Reclamation would have pumped had San Luis Reservoir not been full and the volume of water actually pumped. Effectively the loss occurs when San Luis Reservoir fills and the District’s and other contractors’ south-of-Delta water usage is less than Jones allowable pumping.

In recent years, the District’s ability to reschedule water was not limited by a full San Luis Reservoir. However, circumstances indicate that water users should be mindful of the storage conditions going into the 2017-18 water contract year, and water users should plan their surface water deliveries to minimize their risk of losing water. District staff will continue to provide updates on the prospects for rescheduling water as the year progresses.