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Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program

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On January 9, 2014, the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) adopted new regulatory requirements (General Order) that affect lands within the Westlands Water District.

The General Order outlines very specific instructions for all landowners whose lands are being used for irrigated agricultural purposes; one of the instructions is for landowners to enroll their lands in the LTILRP. The RWQCB requires that landowners must enroll either directly with the RWQCB or enroll with a third-party coalition. Additional information can also be found on the Regional Water Quality Control Board website here.

The Westlands Water Quality Coalition (Coalition) has been approved by the RWQCB to serve as a third-party coalition for administering the terms and conditions of the LTILRP as described in General Order. The Coalition has been formed to represent landowners and operators irrigating agricultural lands (Members) under the General Order.

Westlands encourages all Members and potential Members to thoroughly review the documents below. Open enrollment for the Westlands Water Quality Coalition ended on June 13, 2014, therefore, in order to enroll in the Westlands Water Quality please follow the procedures outlined at the below link.

Download: Westlands Water Quality Coalition Enrollment Procedures and Application

Download: Change in Coalition Membership Status

Download: Long-term Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program – General Order R5-2014-0001

Download: Long-term Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program – Grower Pertinent Sections

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