Water Use Efficiency

Expanded Irrigation System Improvement Program (EISIP)

Water Use Efficiency

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Expanded Irrigation System Improvement Program (EISIP)

Westlands’ Expanded Irrigation System Improvement Program (EISIP) offers low interest loans to water users for the lease-purchase of irrigation system equipment. EISIP funds up to $130,000 towards the purchase of irrigation system equipment, and purchase of portable aluminum irrigation pipe, micro irrigation, linear move and center pivots.


The EISIP lease may be executed for up to $130,000. Each lease requires a 20% deposit and repayment of the remaining balance over a maximum, four-year term, to include interest charges of 3.1% annually. The lease may be used to pay for equipment, but installation costs are excluded. The Applicant must designate 160 acres of non-annexed land security for each lease (a full quarter section, less road rights-of-ways). Insurance on the equipment is required.

All landowner signatures on the lease will be notarized. Notary services for this purpose are available at the Fresno District Office. After execution, Westlands will record the lease with the county recorder.

Application Process

Westlands uses a standard application for EISIP irrigation systems and/or equipment. As funds become available, the next applicant on the list is contacted to participate in the program. The application must execute a lease generally within 90 days of notification or forfeit the opportunity to participate. An applicant may submit more than one application annually; however, priority will be given to applicants who have not participated in the EISIP for that given year.

Bid Process

The equipment design and procurement process begins upon the applicant’s notification by the District to proceed. The applicant must obtain bids for the project on his/her own behalf. Each submitted bid must include a District provided Bid Submittal Form signed by the vendor. The Form must be completed and include the Request for Quotation (RFQ#) identification number, the installation parcel identification or the water user name for portable aluminum irrigation systems, the total cost of the equipment, and the applicable sales tax. In addition, a detailed equipment list must accompany the Form.

The District requires at least three bids for the irrigation equipment and/or system. The District retains the right to make the final decision regarding the responsiveness of any bid. The District shall award the contract to the lowest responsive bidder upon execution of the lease by the applicant.


The District pays the vendor’s invoice upon receipt of all equipment delivery acknowledgements signed by the applicant. Please contact Nicole Branum at (559) 241-6235 with any questions or requests for a bid package. A link to download the bid package in PDF is available at the top of this page.