About Westlands




General ManagementContact Email

  • Thomas W. Birmingham

    General Manager

  • Jon D. Rubin

    General Counsel

  • Dan Pope

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Jose Gutierrez

    Assistant Chief Operating Officer

  • Shelley Ostrowski

    Associate General Manager Water Policy

  • Johnny Amaral

    Deputy General Manager - External Affairs

  • Sheila Greene

    Science Advisor

  • Karen Clark

    Executive Assistant

  • Rose Schlueter

    Secretary to General Counsel


Finance and administration divisionContactEmail

  • Bobbie Ormonde

    Deputy General Manager of Finance & Administration

  • Anna Swanson

    Supervisor of General Accounting

  • Jim Carter

    Information Technology Officer

  • Gilbert Cano

    Supervisor of Procurement & Fleet Services

  • Diana Martinez

    Director of Human Resources & Administration

  • Stephen Farmer

    Supervisor of Customer Accounting


Resources divisionContactEmail

  • Russ Freeman

    Deputy General Manager - Resources

  • Katarina Campbell

    Supervisor of Resources


Operations and maintenance divisionContactEmail

  • Bill Pierce

    Director of Operations & Maintenance

  • Chuck Serrano

    Supervisor of Operations

  • Jon Smith

    Supervisor of Mechanical Maintenance

  • Wayne Glover

    Supervisor of Civil and Preventive Maintenance

  • Kelly Vandergon

    Supervisor of Field Engineering & Planning

  • Greg Richards

    Supervisor of Electrical Maintenance

  • Main phone number 559-224-1523
  • Main fax number 559-241-6277