Water Supply

Water Transfers

Transfers with Other CVP Contractors

All south-of-Delta Central Valley Project contractors are in the same position as Westlands with respect to water supply reliability. Surpluses are not expected to be available in the future unless Central Valley Project contractors north of the Delta are limited to wheeling opportunities through State Water Project facilities. With all of the current demands and future uncertainties, the likelihood of extra export capability through State Water Project facilities is very limited.

Farmer to Farmer Transfers

Exchanges with State Contractors

Under the terms of the Monterey Agreement, the acquisition of water from the State Water Contractors can only be through an exchange. This means that for every acre-foot of water Westlands obtains, the District is obligated to return the same quantity to the exchanging contractor within 10 years. Given that Central Valley Project water supply reliability has been severely reduced, the opportunities for west side water districts to return water is limited to extremely wet years, such as in 1983, 1995 or 1998.

Flood Flows

On a year-by-year basis, flood flows from the San Joaquin and Kings Rivers are available to Westlands. These water supplies flow into the Mendota Pool on a seasonal basis and are available to the District through the 7-1 Pumping Plant. However, due to pumping plant limitations, water delivery to the District is limited to approximately 20,000 acre-feet.