News & Reports


Notices are provided to land owners and water users providing detailed information on Westlands’ news and activities. Notices are updated monthly or more often as needed.

Construction Projects

  • PP7-1 Low Flow Efficiency Improvements – This project generally consists of the following: demolishing a portion of the existing PP7-1 wet well; demolishing existing recirculation piping; constructing an expansion of the wet well; installing a new pump and related electrical equipment; installing new valves and piping which connects to existing piping; providing new primary power to the site, including a new power line from connection with PG&E approximately 50 ft north of Adams Avenue to the new electrical equipment, a primary voltage meter, fuse cutout/arrestor combination, disconnect fuse switch, 12kVAC to 480VAC transformer, power poles, conduit and wire, grounding, concrete housekeeping pads, coordinate with PG&E and prepare a coordination study; grading modifications to the canal; relocating stockpiled dirt; installing new fencing, new gravel surfacing, and new canopy shade structure.

Land Owner Notices