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Growers who call Westlands Water District home are highly affected by California’s drought conditions. The information below provides detail on the environmental and economic impact of water regulation and the conservation efforts that Westlands takes to assure that the water we do receive is used efficiently.

Helpful Links and Resources

Federal Relief Legislation for California
Fact Sheet by Westlands Water District
This “side by side” comparison of the two bills pending in the U.S. Congress provides a general overview. The documents focuses on the provisions that pertain to water supply, how the system would be managed, and the costs.

Loss of Agriculture Harms California
June 2014 – Fact Sheet by CA Farm Water Coalition
A recent report released by the California Department of Food and Agriculture forecasted additional economic harm due to the effects of this year’s drought. Major declines in agricultural production are causing harm to families, communities and the state as a whole due to the lack of reliable water supply.

Drastic Conditions Harming Valley Businesses and Families
May 2014 – Fact Sheet by CA Farm Water Coalition
California’s drought continues to evolve with impacts affecting different parts of the state in varying degrees. The San Joaquin Valley continues to struggle economically with high unemployment, business failures, poverty rates and mortgage failures. All of these measurements highlight the ramifications of our state’s broken water supply.

Water Restrictions for California Agriculture Threaten the Statewide Economy
Infographic by CA Farm Water Coalition

Governor’s Drought Task Force
Official page detailing the Governor’s Drought Executive Order and Drought Declaration as well as the Drought Task Force.

United States Drought Monitor
Regularly updated map outlining drought severity throughout the United States.

Save Our Water
Save Our Water is a statewide program aimed at helping Californians reduce their everyday water use.