Municipal & Industrial

Westlands does not have a United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) Municipal and Industrial (M&I) water supply contract, but it does exercise provisions in its Agricultural Water Service Contract for supplying water for “incidental agricultural purposes.”

These purposes include M&I activities incidental to agricultural operations including but not limited to single-family dwellings, farm housing, commercial operations, and industrial operations. Therefore, Westlands delivers non-potable, untreated water to certain communities including the Lemoore Naval Air Station (LNAS), as well as the communities of Huron, Avenal and Coalinga.

These communities are responsible for the treatment and delivery of the water to their customers and assume responsibility for water quality.
Other non-agricultural uses of Westlands water include:

  • Fresno County Public Works, Helm Community Water Service District
  • Cotton gins, fruit and vegetable packing sheds, tomato-processing plants, nut processing plants
  • Farm equipment repair facilities
  • Poultry production facilities
  • Dust control