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Rescheduled Water Forecast

Rescheduled Water

Reclamation established a Rescheduled Water cap of 150,000 (acre-feet) AF for the San Luis Reservoir. The cap will limit the District’s share of Rescheduled Water into the 2018-2019 water contract year to about 99,000 AF. The District forecasts approximately 390,000 AF will be remaining in water users’ accounts at the end of the current water year. Based on the District’s current forecast, about 290,000 AF would be lost. Because San Luis Reservoir is not expected to be full as of February 28, 2018, the Rescheduling Period will be the entire 2018-2019 contract water year. Accordingly, the District anticipates applying Cap Losses at the beginning of the Rescheduling Period, after adjusting accounts for internal transfers of Rescheduled water received and approved by the District on or before March 10, 2018, according to the District’s Rescheduled Water Policy.